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Tamara York

Feeling and Healing Place

I am Tamara and I live and work in the beautiful South Western corner of Western Australia, in Bridgetown, at the Feeling and Healing Place. I offer a range of professional, confidential, non-judgmental, holistic, compassionate and spiritually based counselling services to adults, teenagers and children. I am available to work face to face, on the phone or online, either individually or with families. 

Whether you require counselling, shamanic journey work, or family support, I can help you with a range of holistic services that empower you to improve your relationship with yourself and with those you love. As a holistic service, I can teach you to journey for your own answers, assist with diet or mental health concerns. Additionally I can assist by suggesting other services to further your healing, knowledge and understanding.


Tamara is an amazing Shamana! She helped me many times to go through complicated emotions and strange energies that was making me feel really bad. She really get to understand what is your problem and offers you keys to find solutions in many levels. Her intuition always impressed me, it is like she connected with your soul! I recommend her 100%, thank you so much Tamara!!!

Eva Martin

I sought Tamara York out as a recommendation from a friend.  I was under enormous pressure in my personal life and found I was not coping.  I wanted to heal and move forward with a better understanding of what was going on with me and why.  I spent a few sessions with Tamara and Tamara helped me uncover the source of my stress, Tamara helped to give me a better understanding of my pain and myself.  I found her easy to talk with and quite direct in her approach to relieve the pain I was feeling.  I would highly recommend  Tamara as a “healer of the spirit, heart and mind.”  Tamara is a gifted healer and I would recommend her services if you are ready to be healed.  Thank you Tamara.

I have done personal work with Tamara over the years. Through that work I have increased my self-awareness and obtained tools to deal with stresses in my life. Through her caring and insightful approach Tamara has helped me heal deep-seated trauma, opening space for new things for me.

Gabriela B


What I Can Do For You


Individual or family counselling. offiering CBT, Narrative, ACT, psychodynamic or inner child work.


Providing support with a range of holistic services to empower individuals, parents and their children to manage their feelings.

Shamanic Journeying and counselling

Individual or group work, you can learn to journey for your own answers and empower yourself to know how to move forward in your life.  I am trained to teach you the process to journey in 6 sessions.

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