Drawing on a wealth of experience

Drawing on a wealth of experience that includes some alternative healing modalities including: journey work, EFT, mindfulness and breathwork. 

Other counseling therapies offered include: Attachment-Based Play, Play Therapy, Nature Play, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Inner Child Work, Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Access Consciousness

This is a gentle and hands-on process working with points on your head to release unwanted energy.


Tapping utilises acupressure points to restore balance, reduce stress and anxiety.

Inner Child Therapy

A lot of uncomfortable feelings have their basis in our childhood. The only way our inner child can show us what is happening internally is to create situations in our life that reflect what we’re feeling within. However, when we blame others for what we feel the opportunity to heal is lost. 

Life is a mirror; we attract people into our lives and the feelings they bring up in us present us with an opportunity to address our pain states.

Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanism is a relationship-based connection to non-ordinary reality to initiate healing and connect to our spirit helpers and teachers. It is one of the oldest forms of spirituality and healing practiced by humankind, and it goes back around 100,000 years. Traditional cultures throughout the world feature shamans who interact with the invisible realms for healing for individuals or communities. As a shamanic practitioner, I can assist you by removing negative energies or attachments, while supporting you to remove emotional burdens and traumas. I can also teach you to connect to your spirit helpers and teachers through the practice of journeying.

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